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Lonely in a crowd

Standing lonely in the crowd of a thousand souls, the feeling of being lost with no one trying to find you and no one standing by to ask haunts me in my nightmares every night. It was an unknown place, the sight of a village fair with hustling bustling crowd, yet no one watched my weary eyes or my anxious face.

I remember the giant wheel, really giant enough – sat in the center of the fair with sparking lights shimmering away the whole area. And the people sitting in the ride are screaming out aloud, not sure whether of excitement or out of fear. Watching the whole sight and engrossed in studying the people and their emotions the grip of my hand loosened, I didn’t realize and didn’t bother too. After getting over the scene for a good amount of spell I looked back to find Mother but the crowd concealed the space behind me like fog masking up roads on a cold foggy winter morning.

I froze, now realizing I have lost contact. Drops of nervousness started gathering on my forehead. Connection with protective circle that existed around me …

I step hesitantly towards the crowd trying to make an effort to find her although fearing to get more lost and the fear came true when I amalgamated in the sea of people .. I was pushed, dragged to either sides with the constant movement in different directions and shoved in a way that I tumbled upon the dust tasting some too.. Somehow managing to collect my posture and trying to pull myself up in an act of struggle for existence, I fell again with a hard knock and in a moment felt like a victim of stampede when I covered my eyes so as not to visualize the event…

I opened my eyes to wake up in reality all dreaded in perspiration and recalling the Dream…


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