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The Awakening..

In this rat race called life, how much does love weigh? Peanuts?

Time and again I fell, crashed and tasted failure,

Yet again I collected the bits and stood up as a gesture.

No! There is still life left in me and it will not let me drain,

It will not let me lose in love yet again…


Love, they say is the game of the young,

I wondered if I aged too much in a decade overhung.

So much that I stared at the mirror trying to recall where I have seen the person on the other side?

To my surprise, it tells that it is Me!  It surely scrawled mistakenly or lied…

I have met myself before; we’ve been friends for years,

How have I not seen this face full of sore, when we promised to be together in laughter and tears?


It suddenly felt like waking up from a long sleep of an era,

A world full of dark smoke and petrified chimera.

I sat down; patiently listening ready to fill up the gap,

For I knew time is what I needed to unwrap.

I heard her out painfully, I heard her yap;

It mimed every chime too grave to snap.


And then after the dark clouds, there was a clear blue sky,

It was the spark to shroud the cow and steer it wry.

Life told me, “Girl, you are not done yet, you are a rebel!”

I too reminded myself, you bet you have not outdone it dispel…



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