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Post#2 : The Leap of Faith

Precisely two months before I set out on a new journey. Fear has not really captivated me a lot of times so far in life but it is like a big blind leap I am taking in the arms of life with a mind full of hope. Something good that I have picked up in the last few years is to try and worry less (or at least pretend to) which is helping me to not worry about the new life , new country and new culture. On another hand , I believe I have done this before, when I left behind home and known faces and just decided to challenge life , I went away to Chennai in search of a job and had some real testing times. I did not know anyone there , at least here I have someone I can call family. Nevertheless , ever since I learnt to make myself happy first , I also learnt to own each of my decisions gracefully , if its good , I say to myself , “Yeah I have learnt” , if its bad , I say “Okay I am still learning”.


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