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May 29 , 2015

Got busy with Parents. They are here in my city Pune and that definitely adds a lot of mental support. Parents are like that , pillars of support, whether they do anything or just be around, it helps boost your confidence. As days are getting over , it is also making me equally anxious. Responsibility can really scare you at times, specially when you are worried about people judging you. Exactly 40 days to go before I leave for hometown wrapping up things here. Apart from the increasing anxiousness , there is news about the social announcement of our bonding. I call it social announcement because that is how the world looks at it , and to me the world is my country so far. So Am I happy? I am happy that everything is falling into place now after ages of struggle. A fairly tale wedding was a dream once , but not anymore. Life has made me more realistic with time and that is how I prefer it now.  I try to judge things lesser and lesser and here’s hoping all the best for myself.


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