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June 4 , 2015

You learn so much from your surroundings everyday. These days i am learning a lot about old age from my parents and you know whats the worst part? Feeling helpless!

Both of my parents are completely opposite, my Dad is dependent and needs something to cling onto while my Mom is so independent and in spite of all the household responsibilities , has a separate life , circle of her own friends.Off late, after my sister’s separation , he got so involved with his grandson ever since his birth that he became his mode of living. That’s something about Indian culture, parents are super protective about their children no matter how old they become and when they get grand children , they switch over to them for the care and protection.

I will be lying if I say I am not protective about this kid , he is such a bundle of innocent joy that i wonder how can his parents abandon him. Most of what worries me is how his mind shapes when he grows up. That’s one of the side effects of a divorce in a country like India where more than the two individuals it kills the lives around those individuals.


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