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June 21 , 2015

Less than a month left in this country and 170 days to go for the Big Day. I have to admit , no matter how much i try not to build expectations, I get stuck in meeting others expectations. No wonder, the bonds of family ties you in many different ways which you may not expect or willfully perform , yet you just got to live with it. And if you are a woman , then the tie gets tighter.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend and lending an ear to her not-getting-marriage concerns. And I being experienced in that area , feel her pain honestly. But what I have experienced in the last few years is that Marriage happens to you when you stop running behind it , when you give up desperation and when you aren’t ready at all. At the end , it just happens. I don’t know whether it fixes things or not  as I am yet to experience that chapter of life. But life is a way lot easier if we live today rather than chasing something for tomorrow forgetting the present.


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