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Post#10 : Trying Om Shanti Shanti !

There is nothing sweeter than Relationships and there is nothing more complicated than Relationships as well. I can bet that no human being has been able to tame relationships . Even Gods could not achieve that task , let alone humans 😉

One such relationship is Marriage. Each moment is a new challenge. And if you are in a country like India , then God bless you! For a short tempered person that I am , i have always looked at pressures like a rebel, but there is also a quieter side of me that keeps telling me (may be after the damage is done) that I need to calm down.

So in order to maintain my heat temperature , I decided to try Meditation going forward with a generous amount of research study on it. I am yet to find out how much it helps but i hope it does 🙂buddha-in-a-lotus-position_150336200


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