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Post# 18

Did I tell you about my new friend of Bus number 4 from Den Bosch? I just started becoming a regular in that route and almost all faces were becoming familiar. We started talking suddenly and became ‘bus friends’. Yeah , that term sounds funny, but that is what we are. We meet 4 days a week  in the morning bus of 7:47 and sometimes in the evening if lucky. Nikki is her name and she is a smiling human being , one of those faces that radiates freshness around. Lol.. I might sound weird, but this piece is really not about just her , its about all the people I meet while going to office and also coming back. I always wondered why the typical looking dutch guy holds his backpack under his arms instead of the usual way. I even imagined him carrying his kid in that manner. 😛 And the bald , french beard guy would always Hi me with an “Hieee” expression. His teeth is funny like a little kid’s and the Hiee converts him from a powerful Corporate Guy to a half teeth-ed kid. The Asian looking big boned girl , she looks so Indian , more like a Punjabi with curls.. but speaks Dutch like a local. She never smiles at me , but I always do , hehe, why not , I smile at everybody!

Ting – The bus stopped at the final stop. I need to get down and walk a kilometer to get to office. And another day passed by observing the people around me , enjoying the walk , the journey and my new life.


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