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A Short Story of Life

I wasn’t sure if we had come to the right place and my pace of walking decelerated while entering the resort. The Resort was shining bright with the light and flower decorations along the pool side. It wasn’t loud or overexerted, it was just  perfect. With the nice and soft instrumental from the old Kishore-Lata songs played at the background somewhere, I felt like living a long lost dream which I had only imagined during my younger days. I grasped his hand and words jumbled up but I manage to fluently say it loud in my mind “We may be in the wrong place” and it looks like someone else’s party instead of our planned dinner. He smiled saying nothing, only to hold my hand tighter yet gentler, tugging me along.

The walk wasn’t really long enough allowing me time to guess what was happening and as I walked passed people, I saw all the known faces smiling at me. I should have smiled back at them instead I had a blank expression on my face. Soon we topped in the center of the crowd and there was a strange silence. This did not look pessimistic from the smiles pouring in from every face I could glance upon.

He whispered in my ears, interrupting my daze, “Happy Anniversary, Dear”. I kept staring at him, now like a fool!


(to be continued)


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