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Appreciation vs Criticism

All of us love being appreciated, whereas criticism isn’t accepted on a positive note. I have been a no different human. A few days back when a colleague criticized my work , my heart sulked and it made several rounds in my mind with clouds of questions Why , How , What can be the cause , Where did I go wrong and what not. When my Manager appreciated me for my work and my speed of catching up on a completely new work area at my pace , I was overwhelmed with satisfaction. I felt like I had already achieved a lot. But later on, my silent thought sessions  I questioned my mindset as why I could not accept criticism on a positive note . To start with why I couldn’t think that the other person may be right. It is not about questioning my ability or someone who helped me achieve my work , but it is about respecting another point of view with a wider outlook. I did not need to judge the intention of the criticism , instead I should have focused more on the content, but I did neither. On the other hand, appreciation boosted my confidence and I felt more efficient during the day.

It is indeed so imbalanced for they are two sides of a coin and the right balance is when the coin stands in between and not on either side. Practically , it is impossible , but just by trying to accept criticism on a slightly different note , I can be a better person since I am not only NOT judging another person but also not letting anyone else judge me, in my mind.


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