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Post #23 – That thing about Weddings

For years, I have been hiding away from attending weddings, with the fear of being asked about mine. Not that I did not want to and neither the reason of not having a prospective alliance. I just wasn’t sure why or what was preventing marriage to happen. And then I let go. I started attending weddings of friends and relatives without worrying whats in my fate. Things bettered for me ever since.

Its time for me to have my own now. I am sure every (most if not all) woman out there have some kind of a fairy-tale-take on her future wedding , and so did I. Being married legally and already living with my husband for the last 4 months , definitely doesn’t keep the excitement of living together  for the first time alive, but there is still this thing about marriage that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. I got to admit , I AM SHIT Nervous! I have been planning for this wedding since years and years back and I have finally put in all my aspirations in the best possible way. with a month to go from now, its implementation time. I have been scribbling away planning the little things I need to do before the D-Day and I still feel I am missing out on others. I even get dreams about such things these days. 😦 .Nevertheless, its all fun.


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