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Post 28 :RollBack

Ting Tong! rang the bell of one of the oldest houses in this Block. It was 10 p.m. at night. For a countryside place like this, the hour almost marks the end of the day. I knew it will take a while to answer the bell for the people living in the house will have to take the steps down to the ground floor from the first-floor bedroom. I waited patiently for them to be surprised. The lady of the house came down slowly asking repeatedly ‘Who is it?’, and I kept answering sneakily, ‘It’s me’. Not knowing who that ‘Me’ could be , she had no option but to come down and check it out herself. She unlatched the door and was startled to see me, speechless. ‘Surprise!’, I shrieked and hugged her tight. By now, the man of the house had finished his usual late dinner and followed his wife downstairs. ‘Is everything okay?’ was his first question. ‘Yes, of course, Baba’, I answered dragging my luggage inside. I was home after a year, to where my Heart belongs.

Few years back, when suddenly, my then-boyfriend decided to take a job offer abroad and surprised me one fine Saturday morning, knocking on my door and then breaking the news of his travel two days later, I thought I was strong enough to be on my own , after all, I am an independent woman. But for a reality check, I learnt the side effects of blind dependency. I tumbled , sank and finally broke. When I was done soaking in tears, I just packed my bags , booked flight tickets and quietly went home. Peace!

And that one time, when I met with an accident riding my scooter, I just wanted to run home and be under the fortification of my folks. I did manage to get home and I will never forget the pain I saw in their eyes, probably for the first time ever. Well, unlike other over possessive parents , these guys were more realistic and had a too-good-to-be-true attitude towards life.

It has been a couple of years after I moved in with my husband in a far-off foreign land. In the midst of fostering my own family , often struggling with the responsibilities and meeting expectations, random thoughts run through the mind. If only I could, I would run back into time. I would book my tickets right away and take a flight back home surprising them, just like old times, with no strings attached.




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