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Post 32 : It is Time yet again…

… to move. Yes we are moving from our one bedroom cosy apartment to our newly purchased house in the Netherlands .Although, we did not have almost any big furniture in the apartment, but we still settled for 6 big boxes, 6 big bags and suitcases and many smaller packs here and there.

Shifting is a common word for me, which comes with a lot of hard work, concentration, stress and multiple bags and boxes.

I am recalling one of my older posts and refreshing my memories from the past- when I moved all my things to my husband’s apartment before leaving Pune, when I came back to Pune from Hyderabad,  when I moved houses in Hyderabad in a gap of 2 months , when I left Pune to go to Hyderabad  or when I first shifted to Pune with 2 baggage. Shifting never gave me a  headache, in fact to be honest , I quite like packing and unpacking stuff(A good friend of mine can tell how much!) and by now I am pretty experienced in this activity (Yes, I take pride in saying so !) .From the year 2013 until now , I have shifted full setup of houses 5 times to be exact and this is the sixth time(6 times in 3 years!!!)

I have found adventure and fun in my not-so-adventurous life in its small way. Filling up boxes, making sure each inch of space is utilized and sealing them up in the best possible way. Heaps of polythene bags knotted to secure multiple little utilities or non-utilities or may be the tiniest things closest to my heart. And finally in goes the clothes  to the suitcases along with other valuables locked and ready for the move.

And at the final hour, when you have handed over all the luggage to the movers and packers, you need to spend few hours or a night in an empty house, may be also sleep on the floor over a carpet with not many options. Is it fun? yes, it’s still fun.

But , nevertheless, each time I move it has been for the good and with the hope of better. It is definitely a very tedious job which I can bet most people hate, but not me.


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