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Post 34 : Amidst the busy schedule

Life has kept me extremely busy, which is kind of good. But the little free time I manage by cutting the corners of my agenda, only adds to laziness. I hate myself for being lazy! There was a time when I had a generous abundance of free time but then I had tough emotional times , therefore I spent them cheap – being lazy. Story of my life!

On the days, I am working from home, I stare at the half sprayed golden hue of the neatly cleaned beer bottles which would have earned us at least 3-4 Euros if returned back but I fought for my hobby over materialized money(really!). Its been more than a month, they are still waiting for my time and attention. Alas! The evident rust on my writing skills, my pens and pencils, almost losing my brushes and colors earns me almost an award. Could I be anymore lazier? How I miss my diaries from childhood, my bundles of writing, stories and junks. Had I not disposed them of out of sheer Adolescent Idiosyncrasy, they would have been alive with me today.

Nevertheless, the point of today’s post is neither about my laziness nor about my youthful accomplishments but about Imagination. Imagination plays a very important role in the growing years of our childhood. Imagination protects the innocence in a child and makes all his stories enjoyable. I became part of a similar amusing story yesterday  when I met a friend in the train on my way back home from work. Amongst several other household chatters, she was telling me about her daughter whom I have known as a lively, enthusiastic and creative kid. Yesterday I learnt another thing about the girl, she has immense imaginative potential and not only can she imagine an amazing fantasy world but can also describe it down beautifully. It’s a gift. Not everyone can express feelings marvelously.

Enjoy the read and words of appreciation for the little rising star will help encouragement.

So here’s her story .

©Copyrights by Tiyasa Talukdar on behalf of Nandini Banerjee




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