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Post 35 : A Brand New Year

When I was younger, I made it a point on or before the last day of the year to take some time and look back on the things I did during the whole year. This is a habit I picked up from my late English Teacher, who was also a guide. He played a very big role in shaping the person I am today.  But ever since I came to Holland, life has gotten busier each minute (Read : I have become lazier!). I still try to pen down a few words and sentences and keep up with this ‘tradition‘ that I have followed for years. The objective of this activity as I understand from Sir,  is to understand the way I have evolved as a person, good or bad, over the past year . As I grew up, I concentrated on becoming a better human being, a better me and enhance my personality and amend the grey sides of my character.

Over the last two years, we have been vacationing during the last week of the year from Christmas until New Year. Therefore. it leaves me with no me-time during the best month of the year.

So, here’s looking back at 2016, cherishing the good memories and remembering any bad times as a lesson.

.. Lots of travelling all throughout the year. Black Forest, Paris, Croatia, Normandy, Ukraine, Italy.

.. Lots of new friends around, many get together s with them, fun filled gatherings and event.

.. Moved to New House.. a very big step and a lot of responsibility. Happy and proud that we did it together and pulling through great.

.. New Job for the better, new learning and new responsibilities.

.. I became fatter 😦

.. And  now most importantly, a great balanced family and personal life.

It’s been a great year, Wish all a very Happy New Year 2017 to everyone !!


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