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Post 36 : Grey is the color of the season

I have grown up enjoying winter as a wonderful season and the best one in India. The chills of the morning, the warm sun of the afternoon, enjoying oranges after lunch sitting under the sun wrapped with traditional quilts followed by a post-lunch nap(siesta).

Winters were the seasons full of fairs, picnics, weddings that would mean lots of food and eat out. White and blue were the colors of winter back there.

Here in Holland, grey is the color of the winter, not even white. In my first winter here, it felt so dull and depressing and I suffered from homesickness. Gradually, I got used to the color and kind of convinced myself that Grey is not dull, it just means slow down, sit back and relax. Well, isn’t that so true, we are mostly indoors, keeping warm sipping soups sitting against the fireplace(No I am not 80 years old!!).

This winter we were in Italy for vacation and the amazing weather with white and blue sky and the brimming sun hit my make-shift arrangement of the mindset hard about the color grey 😦  ! Prints versus the negatives! Envious, I keep going back to the pictures and refresh the hustling bustling places around, sunny, bright and blue.

But soon I am shaken by reality – grey it is for now!


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