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Post 38 : Luxembourg short break

A lot has changed for me since the Philadelphia trip and my last post. But I managed to bounce back to life and both summer and the sunshine has only helped in my recuperation. The period between March-April-May is my favorite because there is so much happening almost every weekend. Either it is an extended weekend with public holidays in the middle of the week or there is a Flower Parade in Keukenhof.

Spring has already set in and summer is getting ready to make an entrance. This is the time when we like to make mini trips to nearby places and just relax. Because the past couple of months have been very stressful for the both of us, a relaxing trip is all we were looking forward to. Unfortunately, we were really late in booking flights and that lead to super expensive flight tickets to anywhere we wished to go. Finally, we settled to revisit Luxembourg but were again stuck while booking accommodations with super expensive options. I must say it all happened for a reason. We ended up booking a forest bungalow. We have never stayed in any such places before and I wasn’t sure how comfortable it will be until we actually arrived in paradise.

It was an absolute piece of heaven. Amidst the dark greenery, stood a dozen small wooden bungalows which housed very basic necessities. We were in the village of Dillingen very near the famous Beaufort Castle. Since this was our second visit, the sole purpose of the visit was to relax and stay away from the usual crowd. Fortunately for us, our co-voyagers shared the same trip intent as us.

Dillingen is situated on the north-east of the country on the Luxembourg-Germany border, the countries separated by the Sûre river. It’s amazing how the borders blend between the countries, it’s hard to identify the changes except for the sole signboard that says Germany or Luxembourg very unlike the borders of my Motherland, India, and her neighbors.

View of Dillingen, Luxembourg from the side of Germany across the Sure river


The Other side of the bridge in Germany
The Sure river that divides Luxembourg on the left and Germany on the right

So apart from exploring the beauty of the borders between the countries, we wanted to try something new, something different. So we decided to hike. Well, to many, it isn’t a big deal but I must mention here that it is a great deal for people who isn’t really the sporty or ‘easy-moving-ass‘ type! My husband and I are kinds of car-driven-tourist or typical public-transport-tourists very unlike backpackers. So, our hike expedition was very tailor-made keeping in mind our levels of flexibility. Nevertheless, for novices, I would consider us as pretty good.

Luxembourg is famous for hikes, treks, water sports, biking and much more. There were also many famous hiking trails in the region where we stayed. We drove to the site of ‘Schiessentümpel Waterfall‘ and took the Mullerthal Hike trail.

Absolutely mesmerized by the magnificence of the dark forest, we set foot on the 4-kilometer track. After 500 meters, we halted at the fascinating waterfall to click pictures and then continue the ascent uphill to a viewpoint which beholds a good view of the surroundings on a clear summer day.




Needless to say, what an amazing experience it was, the pictures say it all. We only wondered how much more beautiful the place would be in full summer. When our short trip came to an end

When our short trip came to an end, we left as happy souls completely detoxed and not heavy hearted after a wonderful vacation.


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