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Post 40: Trip to Bad Urach, Germany

Bad Urach is a small town in the district of Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, in southern Germany. It became our holiday destination during the extended weekend of Ascension Day. To be honest, this place was not a choice originally. We started looking out for places real late and traced right from North Germany to central and then finally down south until we got a hit on the accommodation. However, I must say that it has been a blessing in disguise.

The house we rented was an absolute pleasure to stay in, located on the sides of a hill, and providing amazing views of the adjoining hills and valleys.

IMG_20170525_175527     IMG_20170525_175536

This small sleepy town was in full bloom all bright and colorful everywhere we walked.

The way towards the Centrum
The Town Centrum
Pretty pretty everywhere


So naturally, the important question that arises is what’s interesting to do there? The place is full of hiking routes in the Swabian Alb biosphere area. One of the days, the men in our group planned a Hiking Adventure. This was in the Wasserfallsteig trail and then following up to Hohenurachsteig trail with stunning views of the cliffs ‘Hanner Felsen’ and the pathways through lush mixed forests.IMG_20170526_151222

The Waterfall – respite to the eyes

I have to be honest that I was really not keen on going further than the Waterfall to reach the ruins of the castle ahead as the path was extremely steep and difficult more so in the summer scorching heat. But with the persuasion of the group, we moved forward together and it was all totally worth it. We walked a couple of kilometers until we reach a flat with rest places, toilets, and refreshment. This place was extremely relaxing with the canopy of the trees, keeping away the strong rays of the sun and providing much-needed shade. We refilled ourselves here and started again.

The canopy of the trees

We walked through the dark green forest stopping now and then to click pictures (like below) keeping ourselves motivated for the path ahead.


Soon the way got harder and steep and we (the ladies) took help of fallen branches to act as support.

Upon reaching our destination, we felt like ‘On-Top-of-The-World’. Breath-taking views of the valleys down under can only make you want to sit there and admire.


The ruins of the castle are very picturesque itself and with a clear blue sky, it looks perfect canvas-ly.


Bad Urach is also famous to have the narrowest street in the world only 31 cms wide. It was an absolute check of fitness to be able to pass through this lane successfully. 😉


The Centrum is full of good cafe’s and restaurants all full of super nice food. We dined at “Die Traube” and everything they served was delicious.

This small sleepy town is totally recommended for a short trip to relax and recover from the monotonous schedule of our daily lives.



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