The Edge Of Power – By Tuhin A. Sinha

This is the continuation to the first part “The Edge of Desire”.  Whats commendable is the great mend of politics , fiction and love.

I happened to have chanced upon “The Edge of Desire” while browsing through books and it interested me just with the quick summary. The characters and plots are so lively , that you get goosebumps reading through the chapters.. When I finished The Edge of Desire (the first part).. the characters were so fresh in my mind that i would get dreams occasionally . I am so glad that The Edge of Power soon followed and it is so illustrative from the story that inspiration is drawn from real life and real time. The continuation of this book shows a more powerful Shruti Ranjan and she along with Daivik dream of a new era in Indian politics – Something India has been dreaming since long and looks like the change has begun. Its amazing to visualize the vision through his writing and the book . Needless to say , its fiction although the characters and plots resemble to reality and are lifelike. I have personally liked the first part better than the second one since it had more of Shruti Ranjan in the making and the story surrounded her. I got less of her in this part.

I am not yet satisfied and looking forwarded to another edge , may be of an era.. be it just fiction.. 🙂


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